Friday, 24 October 2014

Portsmouth 40k Tournament, 1250 Highlander, 31 Jan 2014

I'm running a small 40k tournament in January, at my home club the Solent Wargamers. I used to run events under my own banner of Core-Games, but it has now become more practical to run them under the club. I hope you're interested in 'different' games of 40k! Actually, this has got to be one of the biggest strengths of 7th. GW have put in so many ways to play 40k, build armies and missions to complete. TO's have so many options you can create any type of event you want! All this talk of competitive play being destroyed is nonsense. If everyone pines for the lost days of 4th and 5th, limit everyone to play with just the CAD detachment.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Just when You Thought it was Safe...

So you may have noticed that, despite my previous post's bold statement, I have not in actual fact done anything on here for over a year. 

Well, that's careers for you.  At least I got a promotion and slightly calmer postion.  Or so they say...

But I have been involved in the hobby.  I recently attended the Pompey Pillage, and came a very respectable 2nd with this list.  That was a few months ago, but I still hope to put a report up even if the details are hazy!

7th was underwhelming for me.  It feels like a large update and pyschic power supplement rather than something new.  Its almost like this all over again:

I can understand why they did this. Remember Storm of Magic? Is a bit similar to 7th with all the extra crazy deamon magic and allies? How many play SoM though...

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Here for a Little Longer

Hi All,

Due to my work I'm often moving around the country, but it seems the powers that be want me to stay down south until at least next June.  What does this mean to you?  Mostly that I'm going to pack in an as many events as I can between now and then!

Stand by for more details.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Empty Shells 2013

Hi All,

I have been able to secure the weekend of the 6/7th July in the Solent Wargames Club venue at the Royal British Legion Portsmouth (South) at short notice. Due to the short notice of the event it wouldnt be fair to interupt the normal tournament scene with another generic event, so this will be a light hearted charity fund raiser.

I have had the privelige of working alongside and with the The Royal British Legion, and have directly seen the benefits they have on ex-servicemen's lives. As such, all profits from this event will be donated to the Royal British Legion. A donation of at least £10 will secure you a place in this event (any extra is more than welcome!), plus there will be plenty of opportunities to donate extra during the tournament itself.

1850 Points
5 Rounds
Standard Missions and Deployment
50 Places
RHQ uploaded
The trophies are being readied as I type this, and tie in nicely with the tournament name.

I hope you can all attend and support such a worthy cause!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Solent 40,000 Concept

Its that time of year where I try out my strange ideas for upcoming events.

Perhaps the biggest idea I want to trial is if I can fit in 50 people!  At the last event I was able to fit in the extra 5 tables required, so the space is there.  Better to try it as a small one day event and see how it goes before I risk it on the big event in July.

Event specific missions are also a must this year.  With the fundamental slowing of the game (pyschic charts, gifts, traits et all) you can waste nearly thirty minutes before the first turn, one way of speeding it all up is simpler missions.

The other changes are mostly organisational so will not affect you, the player.  May your dice roll 6's!

Tony Kirby

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Confrontation PXR

The confrontation has happened, and the dust has settled. I'm going to take this time to go through the feedback I've had, my own thoughts and improvements for the future.

One Day Format

This was popular, and sold out a month before the event.

Points level/Rounds

I attended a two day tournament last year, where four games were played on day one. At 1250 points this was a test of constitution! I loved the atmosphere, but felt it suited a one day event. I did not want to put any further restrictions on players, so did not include the force organisation changes that were part of the other event. This did allow certain, more powerful, builds to be used. For future events this change to force org will be applied. There have been requests for events at a higher points level. Let's just see what the future brings!


I had more than a few concerned e-mails that players might not be able to finish their games on time. One side of this, is that you should build an army you know you can finish with in the time limit. The other is that you should be able to use any list, not restrict players by dint of time/model ratio. The former won out in the end, because list building IS important to winning games of 40k. On a lighter note, the schedule was designed with enough flexibilty to give players up to 30 minutes extra each round. On the day, only a few players found it neccessary to use this extra time.


There was some initial confusion in round one about how victory points were recorded. Once this was cleared up everything proceeded smoothly. There is some concern that the tie breaker does not favour those who table their opponents in a kill point mission. I aim to remedy this by introducing a ratio system. There were no complaints about the main scoring method, based on scoring at the ends of turn 5, 6 and 7. In actual fact I got complemented on it!


In round one I was approached by two players with a rules question. I made a decision that turned out to be wrong. In future events I will endeavour to make sure the situation is fully explained and that the players have fully read the rules before commenting. Due to unforseen circumstances my event FAQ's contradicted the GW official FAQ's. Players to whom it concerned did contact me to clarify the situation, and I will make sure that words to that effect will be added to any future documents.


I had a good time running this event, and everyone I have talked to did as well. Continious improvement will eliminate the small problems encountered. I hope to see you all again soon!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Solent 40,000 FAQ's

These are the FAQ's for the Solent 40,000 Challenge,

Tournament Amendments

Pre-Game Sequence
All terrain will be pre-placed by the tournament organiser, players are not move any pieces of terrain.

Fortifications are to be placed, not within 1" of any existing terrain or fortification. Otherwise follow the rulebook for placement.

Continue as per the rulebook for the remainder of the pre game sequnence.


Q: If there is a contradictory 'set' modifier, which should I use?
A: Unless otherwise stated, roll of to see which modifier applys.


Q: Can I use Look Out, Sir! (LOS) against attacks that do not cause wounds?
A: No, LOS can only be used against attacks that cause wounds.

Q: Some weapons use a straight line or 'beam' to affect enemy units, can I use this to target enemy units in close combat?
A: Yes. Although no enemy units can be targetted by shooting, the above type weapons are indiscriminate and can. Note that some abilities are expressly forbidden from picking a unit in combat as a target, but can still be hit as a consequence of this type of attack on a viable target.

Q: After I have moved my assaulting units, I have the models with the highest initiative. Does this mean that I still use a pile in move to get more models in to base to base?
A: Yes

Special Rules

Q: Are cover saves allowed against Vector Strike attacks?
A: Yes, as it does not have the 'ignores cover' and is not a close combat attack. Cover saves can only be taken if in, or in base to base contact with, terrain

Q: Blast and Template weapons can kill models out of line of sight of the firer. If such a weapon is mixed into a squad with normal weapons, how is this resolved? If such weapons ignore LOS, are the closest models removed regardless of LOS?
A: All blast weapons can ignore the Out Of Sight rule on page 16. As such, blast weapons follow the mixed wounds rule.

Q: Can I use my a models BS to reduce the scatter on a Barrage weapon to hit roll?
A: Yes, but not if the weapon fires indirectly.

Q: What makes a power weapon 'unusual'?
A: If it has any unique rules. If it has any rules from the main rulebook it is not unique. If it has its own rules in a codex then it is unique. Eg: a master-crafted power axe is not unique, but an Agoniser is.

Unit Types
Q: FMC's have the 'Relentless Smash' special rule, what is this?
A: This is a typo, please change it to 'Relentless, Smash'

Q: When a vehicle Explodes it does not state that a transported unit disembarks, does a transported unit suffer any penalties in this instance?
A: Yes, treat the unit as having disembarked.

Q: What arc does a hull mounted weapon have?
A: 45 Degrees total (22.5 left, 22.5 right)

Q: If a Chariot is destroyed in close combat, is its passenger locked in combat with the attacking unit?
A: The transported unit is not a part of the combat, the chariot rules allows it to attack and be attacked only. It has to disembark as normal (so can be destroyed by surrounding the vehicle).

Q: If I assault a chariot, does it count as a disorganised as I am assaulting both the chariot and its passenger?
A: The transported unit is not a part of the combat, the chariot rules allows it to attack and be attacked only.

Q: If I take a unique character, can I convert its weapons to gain a certain type of force/power weapon?
A: No, it is always assumed that they come with the 'stock' weapon. In the case of a unique not yet having a model, you are free to model the weapon how you wish.

Army Selection
Q: As allies can be considered 'enemy' units, can they still be used to contest/capture objectives?
A: Yes, your UNITS consider the allies to be enemies, not you as a player. Note that Desperate allies are always non scoring and non denial units.

Q: In the Relic scenario a unit that controls the objective is placed into reserve (Nightscythe crashing, Deep Strike Mishap, etc). What will happen to the objective?
A: The objective cannot leave the tabletop. As the relic is not a passenger/squad member it is not sent into reserve. Leave the Relic marker at the point where the model was last placed. (rules change). Furthermore, if a unit uses Deep Strike to move with the Relic, the Relic will be left behind.

Q: What are the effects on passengers of a destroyed Night Scythe?
A: They are placed in reserve, but suffer no damage.

Q: If an army containing the Stormlord takes allies, or is an ally of conveniance, do you roll to hit your allied units as they are treated as enemy models?
A: Yes

Q: Can the Stormlord's lightning ability affect zooming flyers and swooping monstrous creatures?
A: Yes, as it not prohibited from doing it in the GW FAQ's.

Q: Can the Arc special rules for Tesla affect FMC's and flyers (when 'flying'), as this does not use a BS to hit?
A: Yes. When this weapon ability occurs, no model is shooting at FMC's or flyers so is not subject to snap fire.

Q: If night fighting is in effect from game turn 5 onwards, does the Stormlords lightning start targetting units?
A: Yes

Q: Is the Death Ray a hull mounted or turret weapon?
A: It is hull mounted, meaning that all of its firing must be resolved in its front arc.

Q: Are members of the Royal Court attached to other units considered to be a part of that unit in all respects?
A: Yes

Q: Are there any specific examples of when Everliving will not be allowed to resurrect a model?
A: Yes. You may never make reanimation rolls for the following reasons:
- Death or Glory casualty
- Deep Strike Mishap
- Sweeping Advance casualties (any applicable model killed before hand can still attempt to roll)
- Boon of Mutation

Space Marines

Q: Are Vanguard veterans an exception to the normal rules of not being allowed to assault out of reserve?
A: Yes, but only if they use Heroic Intervention.

Q: What kind of power is Null Zone, and can I attempt to deny the witch against it?
A: It is a power without a type, page 68. As no unit has been targetted by this power deny the witch cannot be used.

Blood Angels

Q: Are Vanguard veterans an exception to the normal rules of not being allowed to assault out of reserve?
A: Yes, but only if they use Heroic Intervention.

Q: How long does the Sword of Sanguinous last?
A: One player turn.


Q: Is Zagstruks Vulcha Boyz mob an exception to the normal rules of not being allowed to assault out of reserve?
A: Yes

Q: If Weirdboy is granted a power weapon by dint of his psychic power, what type of weapon is it?
A: An unusual one.

Chaos Space Marines
Q: The Warpsmith can use his ability to curse an enemy vehicle, is this considered to be firing a weapon?
A: Yes, so is subject to all the normal rules for shooting.

Q: In the latest GW FAQ it suggests that Plague Zombies are now allowed to keep their original equipment, is this possible?
A: No, zombies are equipped with a single close combat weapon.

Space Wolves
Q: Are Runic weapons considered to Unusual force weapons?
A: No

Q: Can Njal's Vengeful Tornado affect zooming flyers and swooping flying monstrous creatures?
A: No, as it is considered to be an area effect weapon.

Sisters of Battle
Q: Is there anything that would stop Saint Celestine from entering play after she has been removed as a casualty?
A: Yes. You may never attempt to roll if she has been removed for the following reasons:
- Death or Glory casualty
- Deep Strike Mishap
- Sweeping Advance casualty
- Boon of Mutation


This is a list of Forgeworld units, and the most recent publication they are listed in. These publications must be used if you wish to use the corresponding unit.