Sunday, 16 September 2012

FAQ's Update

Hi there!

All regular tournament players should know by now that the latest batch of GW FAQ's have been released for 40k. The breadth of questions answered has greatly increased (thanks GW!) but there are a few loopholes that could be exploited, misinterpreted and misunderstood.Core-Games events will be using this latest batch of FAQ's

The rulings made below are not in any way associated with GW, or even someone who designs games. In fact, if you and your opponent disagree with them at my events, you are welcome to ignore them! The only time they will come into effect is if any player asks me the relevant question during a rules argument.

Some of these rulings are RAW, some are RAI. There are arguments either way. Where in doubt, without a precedent, the ruling will be unfavourable to the question. Some questions that are being discussed on the internet are not answered here, as I do not believe they will arise on the tabletop between two reasonable adults.

Tournament Amendments

Pre-Game Sequence
All terrain will be pre-placed by the tournament organiser, players are not to move any pieces of terrain.

Fortifications are to be placed not within 1" of any existing terrain or fortification. Otherwise follow the rulebook for placement. If it is not possible to place the fortification at all, a judge can be asked to re-arrange the terrain.

Continue as per the rulebook for the remainder of the pre game sequnence.


Q: If there is a contradictory 'set' modifier, which should I use?
A: Unless otherwise stated, roll of to see which modifier applys.


Q: Can I use LOS against attacks that do not cause wounds?
A: No, LOS can only be used against attacks that cause wounds.

Q: Some weapons use a straight line or 'beam' to affect enemy units, can I use this to target enemy units in close combat?
A: Yes. Although no enemy units can be targetted by shooting, the above type weapons are indiscriminate and can.

Q: After I have moved my assaulting units, I have the models with the highest initiative. Does this mean that I still use a pile in move to get more models in to base to base?
A: Yes

Special Rules

Q: Are cover saves allowed against Vector Strike attacks?
A: No

Q: What makes a power weapon 'unusual'?
A: If it has any unique rules. If it has any rules from the main rulebook it is not unique. If it has its own rules in a codex then it is unique. Eg: a master-crafted power axe is not unique, but an Agoniser is.

Unit Types
Q: FMC's have the 'Relentless Smash' special rule, what is this?
A: This is a typo, please change it to 'Relentless, Smash'

Q: If a Chariot is destroyed in close combat, is its passenger locked in combat with the attacking unit?
A: The transported unit is not a part of the combat, the chariot rules allows it to attack and be attacked only. It has to disembark as normal (so can be destroyed by surrounding the vehicle).

Q: If I assault a chariot, does it count as a disorganised as I am assaulting both the chariot and its passenger?
A: The transported unit is not a part of the combat, the chariot rules allows it to attack and be attacked only.

Q: If I take a unique character, can I convert its weapons to gain a certain type of force/power weapon?
A: No, it is always assumed that they come with the 'stock' weapon. In the case of a unique not yet having a model, you are free to model the weapon how you wish.

Q: What are the effects on passengers of a destroyed Night Scythe?
A: They are placed in reserve, but suffer no damage.

Q: If an army containing the Stormlord takes allies, or is an ally of conveniance, do you roll to hit your allied units as they are treated as enemy models?
A: Yes

Q: Can the Arc special rules for Tesla affect FMC's and flyers (when 'flying'), as this does not use a BS to hit?
A: Yes. When this weapon ability occurs, no model is shooting at FMC's or flyers so is not subject to snap fire.

Q: If night fighting is in effect from game turn 5 onwards, does the Stormlords lightning start targetting units?
A: Yes

Q: Is the Death Ray a hull mounted or turret weapon?
A: It is hull mounted, meaning that all of its firing must be resolved in its front arc.

Space Marines

Q: Are Vanguard veterans an exception to the normal rules of not being allowed to assault out of reserve?
A: Yes, but only if they use Heroic Intervention.

Q: What kind of power is Null Zone, and can I attempt to deny the witch against it?
A: It is a power without a type, page 68. As no unit has been targetted by this power deny the witch cannot be used.

Blood Angels

Q: Are Vanguard veterans an exception to the normal rules of not being allowed to assault out of reserve?
A: Yes, but only if they use Heroic Intervention.


Q: Is Zagstruks Vulcha Boyz mob an exception to the normal rules of not being allowed to assault out of reserve?
A: Yes

Q: If Weirdboy is granted a power weapon by dint of his psychic power, what type of weapon is it?
A: An unusual one.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

2012 End of Year Report

Although we are only in September, it is the end of the year for Core-Games.  I would love to run events every weekend of the year, but alas the service must come first.  2012 has been a fun year for me, having participated in six events over the last 12 months.  I achieved a reasonable placing on RHQ, which proved everything I needed to both myself and others.  I introduced a new (and apparently controversial!) scoring method for 40k tournaments, which was welcomed as refreshing and exciting by all those who used it. 

The Solent Concept Challenge had mixed 40k and WFB games, and proved to be ideal in getting local Portsmouth based gamers into the tournament scene.  The friendly atmosphere of the local regulars and the enthusiasm of the new gamers was invigorating and I am going to do my best to re-create it!

The Solent 40,000 Challenge had the unfortunate timing to be set four weeks after the release of 6th Ed.  The rules pack was re-written and FAQ’s hurriedly drafted, and all systems go.  The event itself ran smoothly with only small rules arguments.  Once again a great atmosphere, everyone who I saw had a great time and I cannot thank enough those who participated!
 This was also the first time a member of the Solent Wargamers Club finished with a podium position at one of their hosted events, a proud day for the club after 5 years!

I would like to thank, in no particular order:
The Royal British Legion Portsmouth (south)
The Solent Wargamers Club, and all its members
Ben Calvert-Lee ( for his help in making the prizes
All the players who attended a Core-Games event
The Spiky Club, and all its members
Hammer 'N Ales, and all its members
GW Portsmouth, especially the manager Ger
KR Cases
My loving and eternally patient, wife and son.

Not everything has been positive, and I would be wrong to say it is.  Certain, more competitive, gamers do not like the direction my events have taken.  With the plethora of competitive events already out there, especially in my market area, I want to offer my community an alternative to this cut-throat atmosphere.  I have never been keen on the idea of restricting or altering army lists, but I do insist on fair play.  Some gamesmanship had become unacceptable to both myself and others, and action was taken to stop it.

As we move toward 2013 I am planning more events, and hopefully branching out to other exciting game systems.  For now, please look forward to one day 40k tournament in January!

Tony Kirby,
Owner of Core-Games