Saturday, 2 February 2013

Confrontation PXR

The confrontation has happened, and the dust has settled. I'm going to take this time to go through the feedback I've had, my own thoughts and improvements for the future.

One Day Format

This was popular, and sold out a month before the event.

Points level/Rounds

I attended a two day tournament last year, where four games were played on day one. At 1250 points this was a test of constitution! I loved the atmosphere, but felt it suited a one day event. I did not want to put any further restrictions on players, so did not include the force organisation changes that were part of the other event. This did allow certain, more powerful, builds to be used. For future events this change to force org will be applied. There have been requests for events at a higher points level. Let's just see what the future brings!


I had more than a few concerned e-mails that players might not be able to finish their games on time. One side of this, is that you should build an army you know you can finish with in the time limit. The other is that you should be able to use any list, not restrict players by dint of time/model ratio. The former won out in the end, because list building IS important to winning games of 40k. On a lighter note, the schedule was designed with enough flexibilty to give players up to 30 minutes extra each round. On the day, only a few players found it neccessary to use this extra time.


There was some initial confusion in round one about how victory points were recorded. Once this was cleared up everything proceeded smoothly. There is some concern that the tie breaker does not favour those who table their opponents in a kill point mission. I aim to remedy this by introducing a ratio system. There were no complaints about the main scoring method, based on scoring at the ends of turn 5, 6 and 7. In actual fact I got complemented on it!


In round one I was approached by two players with a rules question. I made a decision that turned out to be wrong. In future events I will endeavour to make sure the situation is fully explained and that the players have fully read the rules before commenting. Due to unforseen circumstances my event FAQ's contradicted the GW official FAQ's. Players to whom it concerned did contact me to clarify the situation, and I will make sure that words to that effect will be added to any future documents.


I had a good time running this event, and everyone I have talked to did as well. Continious improvement will eliminate the small problems encountered. I hope to see you all again soon!