Monday, 28 March 2011

Jungle Board 2

There are many ways to apply a finish to a board to achieve different effects, but this is the most verstatile and hard wearing I've come across.

This rubberised texture paint is simply the best product for basing large terrain and boards. A pot this size can easily cover five boards. I have not been able to find an alternative that I find equal. I apply this liberally on a board, using an old brush to stipple the paint in to place. It will take some time to dry, which I use to spread a fine sand (builders kiln dried) to add further texture.

This is the start point I use for most of my boards, there are many variations I have done and will do. When the paint has dried turn the board on its edge and tap of the sand.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Jungle Board 1

An important part of running tournaments is having gaming boards for the players! Moving on to 40 player and larger events you need alot of solid, 6x4 sections. This is normally the most asked for item at events, and I'm not going to disapoint!

But if you dont have a van to move them around in, you are going to have problems getting them from B&Q to your home. By cutting them into 3x4 sections, I can fit them into the boot of Golf. I then use batons (available in conveniant lengths), nails and glue to fix them together. The seam is then filled with PVA. Filler does fill with less marks, but will crack when handled.

 Next time: adding the surface detail

Saturday, 26 March 2011

The First Post

Hi, I'm Tony. I run Core Games tournaments, and have been running events like these for several years for local clubs and helped GW with campaign weekends. I find the idea of tournament play fascinating, but was disapointed with the lack of proffessional finish presented by many TO's and withdrawn from the impersonal approach of larger companies. Which led me to my brilliant idea of....

Core Games!

I want to offer dedicated hobbyists and gamers what they want from tournament play. Fantastic set peice boards and terrain, competitive spirit and transparent rulings.

Every week or so I aim to update this log with progress of scenery and board construction, FAQ news, new releases as well as updates on up coming events. Thanks for reading!