Friday, 24 October 2014

Portsmouth 40k Tournament, 1250 Highlander, 31 Jan 2014

I'm running a small 40k tournament in January, at my home club the Solent Wargamers. I used to run events under my own banner of Core-Games, but it has now become more practical to run them under the club. I hope you're interested in 'different' games of 40k! Actually, this has got to be one of the biggest strengths of 7th. GW have put in so many ways to play 40k, build armies and missions to complete. TO's have so many options you can create any type of event you want! All this talk of competitive play being destroyed is nonsense. If everyone pines for the lost days of 4th and 5th, limit everyone to play with just the CAD detachment.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Just when You Thought it was Safe...

So you may have noticed that, despite my previous post's bold statement, I have not in actual fact done anything on here for over a year. 

Well, that's careers for you.  At least I got a promotion and slightly calmer postion.  Or so they say...

But I have been involved in the hobby.  I recently attended the Pompey Pillage, and came a very respectable 2nd with this list.  That was a few months ago, but I still hope to put a report up even if the details are hazy!

7th was underwhelming for me.  It feels like a large update and pyschic power supplement rather than something new.  Its almost like this all over again:

I can understand why they did this. Remember Storm of Magic? Is a bit similar to 7th with all the extra crazy deamon magic and allies? How many play SoM though...