Friday, 23 December 2011

Solent 40,000 Challenge (1750 points) 2012

I always want to push the boundaries of what people expect in a tournament environment, and this year is no exception!

Core Games will be hosting two 40k events this year. The summer Challenge will go ahead as usual in July, but this event on May 26th and 27th is intended as a 'concept' event. There will be five rounds and fixed army lists, but there alot of changes after that.

  • The Variable Scoring Method described earlier in the blog will be in use. 
  • 8 missions of the possible 20 will be non standard (non of the top tables will use these missions)
  • At the start of the event the top 20 player on RHQ will form league 1, and the bottom 20 league 2. For the first two rounds the leagues will not play each other, from round 3 the leagues amalgamate into a swiss system
  • 1750 point armys will be used, with access to some Forgeworld units (IA Apoc 2 sec ed only)
These ideas have been given alot of thought, but lack practical application. Give them a try and let me know what you think!