Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Empty Shells 2013

Hi All,

I have been able to secure the weekend of the 6/7th July in the Solent Wargames Club venue at the Royal British Legion Portsmouth (South) at short notice. Due to the short notice of the event it wouldnt be fair to interupt the normal tournament scene with another generic event, so this will be a light hearted charity fund raiser.

I have had the privelige of working alongside and with the The Royal British Legion, and have directly seen the benefits they have on ex-servicemen's lives. As such, all profits from this event will be donated to the Royal British Legion. A donation of at least £10 will secure you a place in this event (any extra is more than welcome!), plus there will be plenty of opportunities to donate extra during the tournament itself.

1850 Points
5 Rounds
Standard Missions and Deployment
50 Places
RHQ uploaded
The trophies are being readied as I type this, and tie in nicely with the tournament name.

I hope you can all attend and support such a worthy cause!