Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Variable Scoring Method (VSM) 40k

I have had the opportunity in recent months to observe and participate in 40k tournaments, and I was disapointed with 'timing out' for all players involved.

To that end, for the next event I run the VSM will be used.

VSM does not change how games of 40k will be played, but is intended to assess players ability and lists.

At the end of turn 5, players work out who has won the game and record the results on their score card. The game continues to turn 6 (no roll to see if the game continues) and repeat the scoring process at the end of the turn. Repeat the process for turn 7. If time is called before the game reaches turn 7, then any remaining turns are scored as a loss for both players. Victory points will be scored based on when the game ends, regardless of turn or phase.

This system will address the issue of 'slow' playing, two and a half hours will be allowed per round at 1500 points. If you cannot complete a game in this time then you are punishing yourself as much as your opponent. The method allows an accurate gauging of players tactics and army list as opposed to their luck on when the game ends.

Please let me know what you think of VSM, as an experiment I am excited to see how this affects scoring!